Manage your finances effectively so you can make the most of your future

Get strategic financial support and advice to help you maximize your corporate capital or personal wealth.

Don’t let your finances hold your back

Whether you’re building a business or trying to make sure you can retire comfortably, it isn’t always easy to know how to plan financially. There are lots of ways to make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. But it can be hard to navigate them and figure out which option has the best chance of giving you the future you’ve been hoping for.

Practical financial support that helps you achieve and exceed your goals

At Rosenthal Pervez & Noor, we offer a variety of corporate finance and financial planning services to help you build a thriving business or optimize your wealth.

Corporate finance

As a corporate finance client, you receive the support you need to do the following:

  • Secure financial resources to grow your business
  • Buildbetter relationships with financial institutions
  • Develop a financial structure that maximizes your flexibility while giving you the resources you need for success
  • Convince investors that you’re worth their time and money

Our experienced team provides the following corporate finance services:

  • Obtaining financing and expanding credit
  • Finding new investors and managing relationships with financial institutions
  • Aligning financial strategies with tax strategies
  • Providing input on business plans and reporting structures that gain the confidence of investors
  • Offering guidance on financing options, innovative programs, and current trends based on our relationships with major banks and alternative lenders

Financial planning

As a financial planning client, you can access support to help you do the following:

  • Manage and grow family wealth
  • Identify investmentstrategies that suityour goals
  • Use tax-reduction strategies effectively
  • Develop plans for an estate, business, or other asset

We offer the following financial planning services:

  • Long-range family financial planning
  • Review of alternatives for money management services, such as retirement planning, RRSPs, group RRSPs, pensions, and life insurance
  • Domestic and international tax and estate planning
  • Review of effectiveness of tax-assisted investments and tax-reduction strategies
  • Planning the transfer of a business
  • Use of family trusts

Secure the financial resources you need to build the future you’ve been working toward. Contact us today to find out how our financial services can help you grow your business or optimize your wealth.


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